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What is Easter?

What is Easter? A free clown skit for three speaking clowns, and one “normal” person (Editor’s note: this skit is written by Raynbow the Clown, and is based on the joke “Three clowns at the gates of heaven.” Also note that it could be easily...
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Good News or Bad News? an Easter Sunday clown skit

Good News or Bad News? an Easter Sunday clown skit for 6 or more clowns, courtesy of Clowns for Christ Originally written for Easter 1997 Script is for a cast of Happy Clowns, Sad Clowns, and Adult Clowns, 6 of each kind. If needed, one clown...
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Easter Transformation

Easter Transformation – a skit for 2 silent clowns and 3 or more helpers Written by John Gravley MAIN IDEA: to show that Jesus takes all of our hurts and pains to the cross and through his sacrifice offers us hope and love. Like this:Like Loading...
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Clown Easter – an Easter Sunday skit for 4 clowns

Jesus - Risen - balloon cross
This script is courtesy of Clowns for Christ This was originally written for Easter 1998. The script, written for 4 clowns, is intentionally unfinished, because our Associate Pastor supplied the ending to surprise us, taking the role listed below as Non-Clown. Each clown can be...
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Easter Butterfly Cocoon

Easter Butterfly Cocoon – a free Christian clown skit for 1 or 2 clowns, about the change that Jesus brings Courtesy of Will Rejoice and B. Glad at www.joyset.com A skit for 2 clowns, or 1 clown (INRI) and 1 teacher, pastor, or other “normal” person...
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