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7 Gold Coins – a parable of greed

This clown skit, by Raynbow the Clown (Tom Raymond), was inspired by the Popcorn Story of Emmett Kelly Sr. and a gospel illustration heard long ago.

Requires 2 clowns, or 1 clown & helper (preferably a child or young person). It can be presented either silently or verbally.

Clown 1 (or ‘normal’ person, even the pastor) is seated, holding a small plateful of gold coins (actually chocolate wrapped in gold foil – other things could be substituted, of course).

Clown 2 (a tramp or hobo, although other clowns would do) enters, pantomiming hunger. He sees Clown 1.

Clown 2 approaches Clown 1, pantomiming hunger. Clown 1 gladly gives away a piece of candy. Clown 2 pantomimes surprise, delight, happiness, etc.—be sure to read the Popcorn Story to get the proper impression.

As Clown 2 begins to walk away, Clown 1 motions him back. To Clown 2’s utter amazement, Clown 1 gives him 5 more coins, keeping only 1 to himself. Clown 1 looks pleased, faces the audience, with the plate (& final coin) seated on his lap.

Clown 2 plays with the coins, clearly happy. Then, a greedy smile comes to Clown 2’s face. Clown 2 sneaks up behind Clown 1, and taps him on the right shoulder. As Clown 1 turns to the right, Clown 2 sneaks around the left and steals the last coin. Clown 2 runs off gleefully, while Clown 1 looks sadly at the audience.

This serves as an introduction for the pastor to come out & talk about the 7 days of the week, how God graciously gave us 6 days for ourselves and reserved only 1 of the 7 for His use—and how we ungraciously tend to ‘steal’ the Lord’s Day as well.


Tom Raymond, aka. Raynbow the Clown, has been a professional clown and balloon twister for over 15 years, and runs several clown-related websites such as Famous Clowns, Best Clean Funny Jokes

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