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Delivery running gag

This is a classic clown routine — I first heard of it with Otto Griebling, where he would wander through the stands of the circus carrying a small plant, calling out the name of a fictional person to deliver the plant to, such as Mrs. McGillicuddy-Smythe. He wouldn’t find her, of course, and leave …

Only to return later with another, larger plant again being unsuccessful, and left again …

Only to return with a ridiculously oversized plant, seemingly so large he can barely lift it,  and again cannot deliver it and leaves.

What if there’s actually someone in the audience with that bizarre name? Then he would ask if that was (for example) if she was Mrs. Eunice Alveda McGillicuddy-Smythe of Tuscaloosa?

A variation on this effectively runs the gag in reverse, starting with a large block of ice and ending with a melting ice cube.


Tom Raymond, aka. Raynbow the Clown, has been a professional clown and balloon twister for over 15 years, and runs several clown-related websites such as Famous Clowns, Best Clean Funny Jokes

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