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Follow Jesus

Follow Jesus – an original, silent skit for a clown troupe (9 or more clowns)

This skit is courtesy of TenderHeart, aka. Nelda Singer (email: oldlulubell at yahoo.com)

(set up: this clown skit is about several different small groups of clowns. No speaking parts. One man is dressed like Jesus and carries a sign that reads LOVE. One group starts off with maybe a man, woman and teenager on one side of the stage, the teenager is being unruly. In another section of the stage are two boys that are bullying each other. Another group is gossipy women, and a group of men in the back corner playing acting like they were playing dice and drinking.)

Jesus walks up to the first group carrying the love sign, smiles at them, and lays a hand on the teenagers and they follow Him away. As they are leaving they walk by the group of drinking and gambling men Jesus smiles at them and only one lays down his stuff and goes with Jesus – the biggest man holds up a hand and shakes his head no. Jesus leads them off stage.

Jesus comes back and goes to the three boys, does the same thing and leads them off passing the men again and another man goes with him. Jesus leads them off stage. Then Jesus returns to where the women are standing and they follow Jesus, once again they pass the two men that are left. One goes with Jesus but the last one refuses and pretends to take a big drink. Jesus leads this group off stage and they wait a few minutes.

In the meantime, the man left alone starts looking around, looks lonely and a little sad. He looks at his bottle, drops it and falls to his knees weeping and praying. At that time Jesus and his followers come back on stage with the love sign. Jesus helps the man to his feet gives him a hug and the love sign. They all give a big group hug to the man. The end

I save this skit for the last one of the night.


Tom Raymond, aka. Raynbow the Clown, has been a professional clown and balloon twister for over 15 years, and runs several clown-related websites such as Famous Clowns, Best Clean Funny Jokes

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