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The Prodigal Son

Clown skit, The Prodigal Son, courtesy of Clowns for Christ

Parts:  Narrator, Younger Brother, Older Brother, Friend, Dad

[Two brothers enter]

Younger Brother: Hey, guess what?

Older Brother: What?

Younger Brother: I got Dad to give me all my inheritance. I am outa here!

Older Brother: You aren’t supposed to get that money until Dad is dead.

Younger Brother: Yeah, well I talked the old man into it anyway. I am sick and tired of working. I am going to go out and have some fun!

Older Brother: And just who do think is going to run this farm?

Younger Brother: You are, chump. [Punches brother on the arm]

[Friend enters]

Friend: Are you coming or what?

Younger Brother: I’m coming! [To brother] So long, chump.

[Older Brother goes off to one side and pantomimes work through the rest of the skit]

[Younger Brother and Friend play cards. Younger Brother loses one hand, then Friend offers him a drink, but makes him pay. They play another hand. Younger Brother loses again, and then walks away from Friend]

[Floozie enters and sidles up to Younger Brother. She hugs him and takes his money from his back pocket, and blows him a kiss as she leaves]

[Younger Brother discovers money is gone, turns pockets wrong side out and frowns. He pantomimes thirst and hunger.]

[Younger Brother goes to Friend to ask for money. Friend makes him crawl and beg]

Friend: I suppose you can take care of my pigs for me, and sleep in the pen, but don’t you be eating my pig’s food. I really care about those pigs.

[Younger Brother pantomimes feeding pigs and cleaning pig pen. He slaps a bug on his arm and eats it while Friend laughs]

Younger Brother: You know, my father has slaves that at least get to eat decent food. I think I will go home and beg Dad to let me be a slave. [Starts walking]

[Dad sees him coming and crosses arms and waits.]

Younger Brother: [falls on knees] Dad, I am sooo sorry. I know I messed up really big. I blew all of your money. I have nothing. I know I am no longer worthy to be your son, but can I at least be your slave? Please, oh please?

[Older Brother looks on laughing and pointing, and sticking out tongue]

Dad: You got that right! You are no longer my son. I told you this would happen, but did you listen? Noooo, you had to go and blow it, and there is no way you can fix this. You are no longer my son, but I suppose you can be my slave, if you work really hard.

Narrator: Stop! Wait a minute, lets try something. I don’t like that ending. Lets try the ending again. Can we get Dad back in here?

[Dad re-enters, Younger Brother backs up to pig pen. This time, before Younger Brother can take two steps, Dad runs to him and hugs him,]

Dad: Son, I have missed you! Are you OK? Here lets get you some new clothes, and some jewelry. You are so thin. I am so glad you are home. Everyone get ready for a party! My son is home!!

Older Brother: Wait a minute! I have been working like crazy all this time, and you are throwing him a party?

Dad: My son, all that I have is yours, but your brother was dead to us, and now he is alive! We will rejoice!!!

Narrator: [to audience] I have a question. Which of these two dads is most like our Father in heaven?


Tom Raymond, aka. Raynbow the Clown, has been a professional clown and balloon twister for over 15 years, and runs several clown-related websites such as Famous Clowns, Best Clean Funny Jokes

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