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Feat of Strength

Feat of Strength – An original free Christian clown skit by Tom Raymond/Raynbow, inspired by the feat of strength funny joke.)

Props needed: Balloon pump or bicycle pump, old telephone book, toy wheelbarrow

(the skit begins with Clown 1 entering the stage, addressing the audience)

Clown 1: Hello, everyone! Today  we‘re going to talk about strength and the source of our strength …

Clown 2: (barging in from the side, wearing fake “muscles” – rags padding his long sleeve T-shirt) We are here to Pump you up! (holds out balloon pump or bicycle pump, pumping it as he speaks)

Clown 1: (does a take at the interruption) What?

Clown 2: (doing a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation) All right, listen up! I want you all to start doing push-ups, sit-ups, stomach crunches, and other exerting things, and … I’ll be back!

Clown 1: (trying to regain control) Wait a minute! What do you think that you’re doing?

Clown 2: (looking surprised that someone would interrupt) What? I’m teaching these puny people how to be massive hunks of chiseled muscle –like me! (mugs for the audience, doing body builder poses, etc.)

Clown 1: In the first place, that’s not the strength  we‘re talking about we’re talking about the Joy of the Lord is our strength, and secondly, you’re not strong! Those muscles are all fake!

Clown 2: (offended) Fake? Fake!? I’ll have you know, I’m so strong that I can tear a phone book in half!

Clown 1: I’d like to see that! (hands him a phone book from nearby stand)

Clown 2: (full of confidence) No problem! (turns his back to the audience, makes grunting and groaning sounds, wildly exaggerating his arm movements, etc., ends with a triumphant “Aha!’ and turns around to face the audience) There! That’s the first page torn in half! Now for the rest!

Clown 1: (irritatedly takes back the phone book) You fraud! You’re not strong at all! And besides, we‘re talking about the strength to do the right thing, the strength to live for God in a wicked world! (with a withering glance) You’re a fake! You’re no stronger than I am!

Clown 2: (angrily) Is that so? Well, I can load something in a wheelbarrow, push it to the back of the audience, and you won’t be able to push it back!

Clown 1: I’ll take that bet!

Clown 2: (pushes toy wheelbarrow onto the stage) Hop on in!
(ends with a chase, as an adult, children’s minister, etc. comes on stage to explain about spiritual strength versus physical strength, and how the joy of the Lord is our strength)


Tom Raymond, aka. Raynbow the Clown, has been a professional clown and balloon twister for over 15 years, and runs several clown-related websites such as Famous Clowns, Best Clean Funny Jokes

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