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Are you hungry?

Are You Hungry, a skit for 2 speaking clowns, typically a white face and auguste, (or 1 clown and youth pastor). Original by Renee Moseman

(props required, a wagon with a picnic basket in it, apple, orange, banana, box of nuts, string of hot dogs, potato, container of pudding all in the basket, a bell to ring)

Pastor Josh (PJ) says something about being hungry for God when he is interrupted by Brite Eyes (BE)

BE enters from the back, pulling a wagon with a picnic basket in it and ringing a bell, saying, “dinner time”.

PJ: (looking at her with disapproval, wondering why she’s talking about dinner) BE, why are you telling us it’s dinner time?

BE: Well, P.J. you just asked the children (looks at the children to acknowledge them) ‘are you hungry?’ So I thought I’d bring dinner!

PJ: (starting to speak before he’s interrupted) I was asking them, ‘are you hungry for …

BE: (interrupting) I’m hungry for dinner and you must be too, if you’re asking all these children! (She opens the basket and pulls out pudding). How about pudding?

PJ: No, that’s okay. (BE gives it to him to hold)

BE: I know, you’re a meat and potatoes man! (she pulls out a long string of hot dots and wraps them around his neck. She then tosses a potato at PJ –hopefully he catches it!)

PJ: No, really, I’m (interrupted)

BE: (interrupting) How about some fruit? (she starts to juggle them, but fails, the apple and orange roll away, leaving a banana in her hand. She peels it and stuffs it in PJ’s mouth, then looks at the audience.) Maybe he’ll like some nuts. (She shows the can, then opens it up to show the children, sh-h-h!) Do you think PJ will like these? (children shout, BE offers them to PJ)

PJ: (finally fed up, he spits out the banana and hands everything else back) BE, I’m not hungry! We are talking about being hungry for God! Do you understand that?

BE: (with embarrassment) I think so (takes the hot dogs off PJ’s neck. As she’s putting them back in the basket) It’s when you only want God’s Word to fill you up, but how do you get the Bible in your stomach? I don’t think it’ll taste too good!

PJ: Oh, BE, it’s not eating the Book, it’s reading God’s Word and putting it in your heart, that satisfies you.

BE: Thank you, PJ, for explaining when you asked ‘are you hungry?’ (She finishes cleaning up and turns to leave, but before she exits from the front entrance) When you’re done being fed by God, I still have some dinner left over! (BE rings the bell & exits)

The End


Tom Raymond, aka. Raynbow the Clown, has been a professional clown and balloon twister for over 15 years, and runs several clown-related websites such as Famous Clowns, Best Clean Funny Jokes

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