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The Meaning of Christmas, by William Martin, AKA: Specs the Clown

Christmas Skit 2012, courtesy of Epworth Rehoboth Church

Cast: The Decorating Clowns (4), The Shopping Clowns (5), Clown 9 to talk with Children & Clowns.

Clown 9 can also be one of the ministers, Clown 10, to pray

As Children gather for the children’s sermon, a group of “Shopping Clowns” enters from left of  Sanctuary. They are holding a vast array of packages, toys, wrapped gifts, and shopping bags. From right side of Sanctuary, a single clown enters about 45 seconds later, completely blanketed in gifts, bags, and trinkets for Christmas presents. So covered and weighed down in the stuff that he/she is lugging, that he/she wanders around the sanctuary because he/she cannot clearly see.

Shopping Clown 1: Look at this cool toy I got from Walmart for my Brother Jimmy!

Shopping Clown 2: Wow, that is amazing. Did you see the earrings I found for my mom (hold up HUGE (yes, huge) BRIGHT earrings)

Shopping Clown 3: Those are gorgeous. I just love Christmas Shopping!

Shopping Clown 1: Wooooo…. Check out that clown. (points to clown walking in covered in packages) Talk about a shop – a – holic!

Shopping Clown 4: (Muffled from inside packages) Help, I’m lost! (keeps tottering around sanctuary)

Shopping Clown 2: We need to help him

(they rush over to right side of sanctuary to help, bustling along with all their packages and stuff, and slowly uncover some of Clown 4)

Shopping Clown 4: Thank you so much, I went to the Midnight sale at the outlets —- and I just lost control. What incredible buys they have at Christmas.

Clown 3: I know, my favorite two words at Christmas are CHARGE IT!

(The shopping clowns notice and point to another group of clowns entering the left sanctuary, the Decorating Clowns. Gradually, Shopping clowns will move down front with children and other clowns as the skit continues. The decorating clowns enter carrying trees, lights, ornaments, and any other Holiday decorations you could imagine. They proceed up to front of stage, and start decorating clown 4)

Decorating Clown 1: I just love Christmas Decorations

Decorating Clown 2: It’s so much fun, all the red, green, flashing lights, and TINSEL — I just LOVE Tinsel!

Decorating Clown 3: And lets not forget FLASHING LIGHTS!!!!

Decorating Clown 1 and 2 together: OH yes, I love those bright lights

(the goal is to completely cover decorating Clown 4 QUICKLY in decorations and lights, Decorating Clown 5 enters from rear carrying a LONG extension cord, dragging it through the \congregation, and then makes a huge deal about finding a plug)

Decorating Clown 3: Are we ready for countdown? Everyone together now 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. PLUG IN

(Decorating Clown 5 plugs in the lights (Lights DIM in sanctuary as they are plugged in due to power drain) and they begin to flash)

Clown 9: (moving to center of stage in front of children) Wow, those lights are very bright, and my goodness, you guys have a lot of packages, but, Christmas is about more than lights, decorations, and presents.

Clowns (together, astonished): IT IS???????

Clown 9: Yes it is, and maybe our children can help us with this.

Clown 9: Can anyone tell me what we celebrate at Christmas?

Clown 9: OK, so Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. What about the lights we put on Clown 5 (points to clown whose lights are still flashing), what do those mean?

Clown 9: That’s a hard one, but the lights are electrified versions of the candles that we have on the advent wreath —- don’t we have one of those in the sanctuary? Can anyone point that out?

Clown 9: And those candles are all symbols of the Light that Christ brings into our world. So, whenever you see a Christmas light (points to Decorating Clown 5), you want to think of what? The Light of Christ!

Clown 9: OK boys and Girls, who can tell me why we give gifts at Christmas

Decorating Clown 4 (interrupting): I know, I know! We give gifts because we love to shop!

Clown 9: Not quite, but good try, (to children) Any ideas?

Clown 9: That’s right, we give gifts to people we love and care about as a symbol of the amazing gift that God, gave to us, The gift of Jesus, his only son.

Clown 9: Every time you give or receive a gift, you need to always remember that God Loves you! Can you do that?

Clown 10: Can we close in prayer? Dear Lord, Thank you for all the bright lights, joyous songs, and pretty packages of the Christmas Season. Help us to always remember, that in this season, we thank you most of all, for the gift of Jesus, The Christ Child, Our savior. Watch over us, and guide us always. In Jesus name we pray, amen.


Tom Raymond, aka. Raynbow the Clown, has been a professional clown and balloon twister for over 15 years, and runs several clown-related websites such as Famous Clowns, Best Clean Funny Jokes

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